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Posted on 3rd June 2011 by Rodger

Scott, Marcia & Rodger met over lunch to talk about ideas for the NSF 11-546 solicitation.  Informal Science Education (ISE), Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR), Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings.

Scott had spent the morning filming with Lawrence Budd.  They are filming a documentary with a climate science, policy, humanities, focus.  The format is 7 x 4 min “Youtube ready” short videos, with voice over and intros by Scott, that will be combined into a 1/2 hour TV show targeted at FC public access.

We also discussed the potential for Reach to to provide services to advise and/or collaborate with young professors on the education component of CAREER grant proposals.  Dave Thompson from Atmos. received one.  Q. can they get such support from the Ed. department?

Regarding the solicitation, CRPA, Full-Scale Development, and possibly Pathways and Broad Implementation, were identified as likely projects to pursue.

Scott mentioned that he has been approached by Dan Grossman to apply for a CRPA grant, with the idea of developing interactive media based on Scott’s climate science talk for the general public.  Dan currently has funding under CRPA to work with Maureen Raymo (Boston University) focused on paleoclimate.  BTW, Scott is a big fan of the scientific pontifications of Mo’s dad, Chet Raymo.

Another CRPA proposal idea was to fund the “train the trainers” component of our collaboration with GEO.

Another project was to expand upon our current idea  to develop LSOP exhibits for the FC museum and science discovery center.  The basic idea is to develop museum based LSOP content (exhibits, programs) and “design, develop and test” at the FC site, with the idea of expanding the content to other museums. Scott mentioned contacts at the Denver museum of natural history, and the NY Museum (which one…).  This could make a good Pathways project.

A possible Full-Scale Development project would be to “create a complete STEM learning resource” based on the climate education materials developed by CMMAP/LSOP to “improve STEM learning by the public, and increase capacity of the professional audience”. Scott indicated that the wording in the solicitation “they need to be guided by an explicit conceptual framework”  were key words for referencing publications from the education literature, and moreover, involving our partners in CSU’s Education Department, namely Len Albright.

Because EHR solicitations are reviewed by professional educators, it is likely essential to the success of any proposal that we have partners in CSU’s Education Department.  Scott suggested we contact Laura Sample, who is currently working 1/2 time at the CSU STEM Ed. Center, to discuss ideas for this solicitation and possible collaborations with the Education Department.  Laura has an MS from CSU Atmos., and a PhD in Education with Len Albright.


Action items:

  • Set up meeting with Scott, Rodger, Marcia, Laura Sample, possibly Brian, to discuss ideas for proposals (Marcia).



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