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Posted on 18th May 2011 by Rodger

Brian, Sheila & Rodger met on May 16 to discuss potential future LSOP activities in collaboration with Reach.  We talked about three specific activities.  1. LSOP exhibit at the new Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center, 2. LSOP TV Show, 3. LSOP presence at the CO State Fair:

  1. 1. LSOP exhibit at the new Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center –  Brian mentioned that LSOP has collaborated with the Museum in the past. Brian and Sheila are interested in creating a stand-alone exhibit for the Center.  Most likely, resources to develop such an exhibit would come form LSOP funding under CMMAP.  Possible content for the exhibit could be an LSOP climate corner and/or atmospheric science displays using every day objects. If there is interest on the part of the museum, we could move forward with planning and development this summer.  If there is sustained interest, we can explore more/other exhibits, and inquire about the the potential for the exhibits to generate revenue for LSOP or the nonprofit.
  • Action: Brian will contact Annette Geiselman, the science center’s execuitve director. (Apparently her son/daughter is a LSOP volunteer!)
  1. 2. TV Show – LSOP was approached by CSU public relations to make a TV show aimed at a broader audience than the Everyday science show.  Brian thought PR was thinking something that could be aired on RMPBS as a short segment between episodes of regular programming.
  • A related discussion focused on making a pilot that could be used to ‘pitch’ a LSOP TV show or stand-alone program to production companies with access to broader markets, such as the Discovery Channel.  This would be perhaps a 1/2 hour show aimed at a broader audience.  We talked about modeling the pilot on the latest ‘Cycles’ episode of Everyday Science, but expanding the content to include phenomena like El Niño.  Brian is interested in this project, and potentially dedicating some LSOP resources to it, because it dovetails nicely with LSOP’s current activities.  To keep production cost reasonable, the pilot could be filmed using CSU’s studio and LSOP could contribute some of Alta’s time for editing.
  • Action: Brian will follow up with CSU PR to get a clearer idea of what they had in mind.
  • Action: Look into resources (time, money) required to make a pilot show.  We might want to have another meeting when Brian gets back to town, and include Alta and maybe someone from the CSU studio.
  1. 3. LSOP presence at the CO State Fair – As a follow up to an idea voiced at a recent meeting with folks for the State of CO GEO, we talked about an LSOP booth at the CO state fair.  The GEO connection would be to promote an understanding of climate change/and or provide information about GEO’s activities.  Brian mentioned that LSOP had been at Fairs in the past, and noted that “it hurt”.  That is, it is expensive and a lot of work.  There is a large emphasis on ‘give aways’ at the fair, and these can run ~3-4K alone.  Other costs include renting space, etc.
  • Action: Rodger will bring this up at future meetings with GEO reps. to see if this is something that they want to pursue, and if funding is avail.

Brian was off the next morning to Ljubljana, Slovenia for a week of street science performances!  Have fun and send us a video clip!

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