Reach Board Meeting


Posted on 14th February 2012 by Rodger

The second Meeting of the Reach Board of Trustees.  The agenda included planning for a LSOP After Dark event, possible nominees for the Reach Advisory Board, and possibilities for Continuing Education courses run through Reach.

Reach Board Meeting


Posted on 28th October 2011 by Rodger

The first meeting of the Reach Board of Trustees.  Marcia Donnelson and Rodger Ames present the updated business plan and situation analysis from the GSSE Team to the Board.

Business Plan


Posted on 26th May 2011 by Rodger

Marcia and Rodger met with Jupe Herrick to discuss the “business” development side of Reach.  The focus was on finding analogies within the College of Engineering for revenue structure, identifying potential funding sources, and involving Jupe in the development of Reach’s business plan.


CMMAP/Reach Activities


Posted on 23rd May 2011 by Rodger

Title: CMMAP/Reach Activities
Description: Marcia, Dave, Scott & Rodger met to define areas of CMMAP E&D and KT that would morph over to REACH.
Date: 2011-05-23

Follow-up REACH meeting

Future LSOP activities


Posted on 18th May 2011 by Rodger

Brian, Sheila & Rodger met on May 16 to discuss potential future LSOP activities in collaboration with Reach.  We talked about three specific activities.  1. LSOP exhibit at the new Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center, 2. LSOP TV Show, 3. LSOP presence at the CO State Fair:

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Posted on 27th April 2011 by Rodger

Members: Marcia, Claire, John, Rodger (Ad-hoc committee)
Purpose: develop a logo for Reach.

Description: Reach Logo Committee meeting to discuss logo designs ideas.
Start Time: 9:30
Date: 2011-6-14

Click here to see the committee’s recommendations (updated 7-26-2011).


Reach Retreat


Posted on 22nd April 2011 by Rodger

On March 22, 2011 the Reach “planning group” met at the City of Fort Collins’ Primrose Studio.  The purpose of the meeting was to move forward with the formation of Reach as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  The group provided feedback on the draft strategic plan, and gave input for the organization’s bylaws.  Committees were formed to plan the organization’s initial activities.

Thanks to Gregg Graff for stopping by to talk to us about his entrepreneurship course and potential collaborations with it and/or students in GSSE.  Many thanks to Marcia for the yummy homemade lasagna!

Minutes from the meeting 4-22-11 Reach Retreat Minutes